Chef’s cooking that makes use of the blessings of the four seasons.

We will welcome you in both the heat and the refreshing coolness.
Our facility is also one of the only locations where you can enjoy the hard-to-find Murasawa Beef.

Keigetsu’s seasonal fare

  • Spring: Sprouting Scents
  • Summer: Abundant Mountains, Rich Oceans
  • Fall: Satisfying Autumn Vegetables
  • Winter: Warming the Heart and the Mind

Menu may change depending on what we have in stock.
Pictures of the dishes are example images only.

Recommended dish: Murasawa Beef

Murasawa Beef01

Murasawa Beef is a well-known beef that has been featured on television and cooking programs.Mr. Murasawa, who hails from Achi Village, has tatami mats for his cows as he raises them.
This extremely rare beef can only be bought at Ginkakuji Onishi in Kyoto.Keigetsu will order from Kyoto whatever cut of beef you wish in any number of grams you desire and prepare it for you.

Murasawa Beef02

Reservation is needed

Murasawa Beef Kaiseki Cuisine

Murasawa Beef Kaiseki Cuisine


Seasonal fruit wine
Seasonal simmered dish
Side dish
Sliced rare Murasawa Beef
Murasawa Beef rice ball
Grilled dish
Bamboo basket with charcoal-grilled Iwana fish
Steamed dish
Seasonal steamed dish
Simmered dish
Seasonal simmered vegetables
Grilled Murasawa Beef or stone-grilled steak
Fried dish
Achi-grown organic vegetable salad
Miso soup with mushrooms
Pickled vegetables
Three-set sampler of Nagano pickles
Koshihikari rice
Keigetsu original confections

Murasawa Beef course meals price

Non-overstay 2 guests, 1 room 3 guests, 1 room 4 or more guests,
1 room
16,000 yen 36,000 yen 34,000 yen 31,000 yen

Menu prices are per person and do not include tax.

Menu prices are per person.
An additional 6,000 yen (tax excluded) will be charged if reserved the day before a holiday.
An additional 10,000 yen (tax excluded) will be charged when reserving rooms with an open-air bath.